Gife shows the importance of assessing social projects

By evaluating their core since 2007 and invest in the measurement of results - quantitative and qualitative - through the System for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Share (Simac), the Share Institute considers the discussion of the need for assessment and indicates the subject of the site Gife:

Fear to evaluate the social projects

The evaluation of social projects is a topic that increasingly stands out in the search for improvement of actions and social investments. It is also relevant to economic evaluation as an important tool to support the management and improvement of projects, optimize the allocation of resources and provide accountability to funders, stakeholders and society at large.

However, in Brazil there is a lack of evaluation culture: few studies, little is practiced, according to Miguel Szekly Technological Institute of Monterrey (Mexico). There is also a paradox. Why invest resources in a process as expensive as evaluation? And if the results are negative? The data becomes public and can exceed the boundaries of the financier of self-interest (especially if this interest is superficial).

To which then serves the evaluation? Szekely said at the 9th International Seminar Itaú economic evaluation social projects, held in São Paulo, which everyone recognizes the importance of a rational decision of where to invest resources, how much to invest in future programs, so as to fine tune the programs and projects, and to show stakeholders when the project is paying off. This evidence can be found in the evaluations of projects.

But how to apply the evaluation is still a topic that scares many institutions, for various reasons. Be the complex work at greater length of time because of the costs involved. It must have clear purpose and application of the evaluation tool, to be an investment not only of capital, as decisions. In this sense, the Foundation runs since 2004 courses and seminars that encourage reflection and dialogue provides for evaluation practices.

There are some essential factors for the use of social projects and policy assessments are incorporated in Brazil. There is a debate on institutionalize the process with the creation of specific legislation. Therefore, it is important to have a technical body. The World Bank has developed a job for education assessments, developing training in several countries for the use of various tools that result in owner?.

Most important of all, decision-makers, funders, are engaged in the entire process, taking into account that evaluation is an important management tool, including the analysis of economic returns, considering the lack of resources for targeted investments social development. The Itaú Social Foundation recently released the book "Economic Evaluation of social projects", with methodology and dissemination strategies of the concepts of economic evaluation, as the impact assessment. It is important to know whether the benefits generated from the estimated impact outweigh program costs.

Evaluation completes the virtuous circle so that social projects are replicated with greater economic returns and thus generate maximum benefits for Brazilian society, concludes Naercio Menezes Filho, organizer of the book.

GIFE holds conference on new frontiers of social investment

Every two years the GIFE - Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies, performs the main meeting on Brazil's social investment, GIFE Congress. In its seventh edition, the event will be held in São Paulo, on 26 to 30 March at the Sheraton Sao Paulo WTC Hotel. The theme will be the New Frontiers of Social Investment, incorporating key elements of Vision 2020 ISP: relevance, legitimacy, diversity, articulation and new frontiers. Registrations open for the following site of the congress.

The event brings together the main leaders of social investors in the country, as well as leaders of civil society organizations, academics, consultants and government representatives, providing a space for learning, relationship and exchange of experiences between the various actors involved in social, cultural and environmental.

GIFE is guided by the construction of a 10-year vision for the social investment sector, launched in the last Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The 7th Congress aims to bring together over a thousand people for a week, combining the official program with parallel activities promoted by members and partner organizations.

Congress GIFE precede the realization of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20, which in addition to addressing a central issue for social investment in the coming decades, also symbolizes the 20th anniversary of a landmark building civil society Brazilian. The Rio + 20, to be held from 13 to 22 June 2012 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, presents itself as an opportunity to reflect on the role of social investment in the context of a new green, inclusive and responsible economy, which also demands a resizing the insertion of investors in this scenario.

GIFE is a non-profit network that brings together organizations of business origin, family, independent and community, investing in projects with public purpose. Its mission is to improve and disseminate concepts and the use of private resources practices for the development of the common good, thus contributing to the promotion of sustainable development in Brazil, through political-institutional strengthening and supporting the strategic actions of private social investors. In addition, the GIFE also organizes courses, publications, research, conferences, Affinity Groups, Thematic Panels, debates and other events.

Source site of the 7th Congress GIFE:


What: 7 Cogresso GIFE New frontiers of social investment

Where: Sheraton Sao Paulo WTC Hotel - Av UN, 12559 - Brooklin Novo Sao Paulo.

Date 26 to March 30, 2012

Registration for the site

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