Talk about working life presents global and local initiatives to university in Curitiba / PR

Participants enjoy sunset and open class of Tai Chi Chuan on the soccer field Positivo University.

In Curitiba / PR, the Universidade Positivo, more than 130 academic physical education in a conversation on the subject: "Active Life: global and local initiatives" on Wednesday, September 23. To discuss and present the current situation were present the representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Juliana Soares, the Municipal Sports Bureau, Leisure and Youth (Smelj) of Curitiba, Simone Cristina Iubel and the Institute Share, the Knowledge entity manager and Muuvit coordinator in Brazil, Maxwill Braga -. Max Secretary of Smelj, Aluísio Dutra Junior, was at the opening ceremony.

Before students are addressing the audience, who arrived earlier could enjoy an open class of Tai Chi Chuan in the soccer field of the university with Professor Jorge Jefremovas the Path Kung-Fu institution. The intention was to introduce the discussion of active life, practicing an activity that involves movement. Practitioners worked muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, memory and balance, mode features. In the auditorium, girls of 10 and 11 years have made presentation of rhythmic gymnastics, as sharpening the discussion of the importance of children's physical activity.

Juliana Soares, UNDP, has designed platform for the Movement.

After all introduction to the subject, the event was divided into two parts, with the first speakers made their presentations. Juliana Soares UNDP has focused mainly on the platform Designed for Movement ( detailing the global epidemic of physical inactivity and how organizations can act collectively in combat. On local initiatives, Simone Iubel presented what Smelj has offered opportunities for people of Curitiba be more active. Finally, Max presented the Muuvit, Finnish program that encourages children to practice activities that involve movement to collect points and virtually travel through South America learning interdisciplinary characteristics of each city.

After the break served fruit and natural juices - to encourage healthy eating - the students were able to talk with professionals and clarify various doubts. The dynamic format facilitates discussion, leading the viewer to actively participate in the proposal. "The Lecture Circuit was very good. I found the topic of great importance to student learning, "said a participant in anonymous evaluation. Juliana Soares, who traveled from Sao Paulo to Curitiba to contribute actively in the event, was pleased with what they witnessed. "The initiative Lectures circuit is fantastic and the experience was inspiring," he says. "Thanks Institute Share the invitation," he concludes.

Second stage of this edition of the Lecture Circuit gives opportunity to students clarify their doubts in a relaxed and informal.

The 2015 Lecture Circuit Institute Share happens in partnership with Don Bosco School, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), UniBrasil, Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), Positivo University and the Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR). In April, the event was held at UFPR, when the results and impact of Social and Sporting projects for human development were discussed; and in May, the UniBrasil with the super special presence volleyball setter and Olympic champion, Fofão, to talk about the athlete as an inspiration for future generations; in July, the activity took place at the School Don Bosco and discussed on different views to combat obesity. Those interested in the next issue should be alert on the blog and facebook page of the Share to the inscriptions.

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Physical education professionals, medicine, nutrition and psychology debate on obesity in the Lecture Circuit 2015 Institute Share

First: guest speakers from the fields of physical education, medicine, nutrition and psychology talk about the "Different Visions to Combat Obesity" to about 80 participants.

Bring together professionals from the fields of sport and health to discuss the "Different Visions to Combat Obesity." This was the objective of the third edition of the Institute Share 2015 Lecture Circuit, held at the School Don Bosco on the evening of Friday, July 03. The struggle of the entity against physical inactivity, also cause obesity was the major developer for the choice of subject. The dynamic format of the event enabled the 80 participants to interact more effectively with the speakers, the physical education teachers, and Adel Youssef Marcelo Ribas, the physician Dr. Anthony Hirt, a psychologist and nutritionist Camila Chudek Eliane Tagliari .

Academic physical education of the second year of the Don Bosco School, Jessica Morales, 23, was very interested in the subject. Your participation in this edition of the Lecture Circuit had a noble purpose: to understand a little more about childhood obesity, focusing on underprivileged children. For Jessica, for the most part, these children have no specific care within the school environment and it would be important to have, especially in a multidisciplinary way. "I thought (the event) very interesting, because obesity is not a topic to be discussed only by physical education teachers," he said.

As it is to talk about health, how about a stretching exercise?

The meeting was divided into two parts. In the first, the speakers exposed a little bit about obesity from the point of view of each area, increasingly growing disease in our society. The participants listened carefully to the words of professionals, clarified doubts and most importantly, they might have different perceptions on the issue and understand the importance of interdisciplinary professions. "I think it's important this type of movement and the idea is this union!" Said the lecturer of nutrition, Eliane Tagliari. The vast majority present at the meeting was academic or professional physical education, but there were also people from the fields of medicine, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy, social work, among others, even accurate.

After the break, when they were served fruit and natural juices detoxification, the debate became more dynamic: each speaker is directed to a different room - physical education, medicine, nutrition and psychology - and circle, spoke with academics and professionals according to their questions. A first year student of nutrition at the University Positive, Melissa Ianck, 23, liked the approach of all the professionals of the sport areas and health. In the second phase of the event, she opted for two rooms in particular where they were the nutritionist, Eliane Tagliari, and the psychologist, Camila Chudek. Melissa praised the format adopted as it could answer questions that were not esplanades in the early part of the meeting.

Second: speakers are divided into different rooms and deepen the issue with academics and professionals in the areas of sport and health.

The Institute Share 2015 Lecture Circuit held in partnership with the School Don Bosco, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), UniBrasil, Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), Positivo University and the Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), with the support of the Regional Council of Physical Education (Cref9 / PR). In April, the event was held at UFPR, when the results and impact of Social and Sporting projects for human development were discussed; and in May, the UniBrasil with the super special presence volleyball setter and Olympic champion, Fofão, to talk about the athlete as inspiration for new generations. "I really liked it! I will keep coming! "Said Melissa, referring to the next edition of the Lecture Circuit, scheduled for August in Universidade Positivo (more information will also be disclosed).

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Registration for Lecture Circuit in Curitiba / PR - Different views to combat obesity

The third edition of the Lecture Circuit Share Institute in Curitiba / PR will address the theme: Different views to combat obesity. With a table made ​​up of physical education professionals, medicine, nutrition and psychology, the event is very dynamic and interesting, generating meaningful conversations on the subject.

Speakers already confirmed: Physical education teachers, Marcelo Ribas and Adel Youssef;

Physician, Dr. Antonio Hirt;

Psychologist, Camila Chudek;

Nutritionist, Eliane Tagliari.


It will take place on July 3, Friday, from 19h to 22h at the School Don Bosco, physical education building auditorium.

Address: Paulo Martins, 314 - Mercy

Make your free registration and limited by the link:

Also confirm their presence at the event:

Online registration closed. From 18hrs Applications will be accepted on site until all vacancies are filled

Today (May 29) is held the second edition of the Share Institute Lecture Circuit in Curitiba / PR which will be super special presence of the Olympic champion, the setter Fofão. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with athlete and answer questions related to the theme: "the athlete as an inspiration for future generations."

Time: 19h

Location: Unibrasil. R. Konrad Adenauer, 42 - Tarumã in Curitiba.

2015 Lecture Circuit debut of the Institute Share happens at UFPR in Curitiba / PR

Campaign data "Alumnus, where have you been?" Help to show the results and impact of Social and Sporting projects for human development.

On Tuesday, April 28, the Institute Share opened the Lecture Circuit 2015 in Curitiba. The Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) hosted the first meeting where the main theme was the results and impact of Social and Sporting projects for human development, with the presentation of relevant data of the campaign "Ex-student, where have you been? "held by the entity in 2013. To make the productive event for all participants - organizers and physical education students - activities were carried out at different times.

After the initial presentations, the executive manager of the Institute Share Luiz Fernando Nascimento - Nando - and Professor in Sociology of Sport UFPR, Wanderley Marchi Júnior, presented together the main results of the survey of alumni Share . Wanderley was responsible, along with two other colleagues and professionals, the analysis of more than 700 questionnaires revealed that very valuable information. Among them, the importance that teachers have in shaping their students - as it becomes even more relevant when the event the public is also made up of young people wanting to pursue careers as educators.

Open aquarium: dynamic facilitates the exchange of knowledge among participants of the Lecture Circuit in 2015.

In the second part of the circuit, knowledge manager of the Institute Share, Maxwill Braga, invited participants to divide into groups and participate in two dynamic promoted in separate rooms. In one, open aquarium format, Nando was the moderator and talked about the Methodology Share Initiation Volleyball and influence of sport with values ​​in the education of children, and clarified further questions of the students. The main feature of this conversation technique is the formation of two circles: Internal one in which people should discuss the issue; and other external so that other members can listen to the discussion carefully.

The analyst of the Institute Share projects and former student of socioesportivo the entity program, Ana Elisa Caron, led to another activity. Her, Ana told the students his experiences as a student, trainee, teacher and coordinator of a social project. His story inspired the participants, many still early in his career.

Analyst of the Institute Share projects and former student of socioesportivo the entity program, Ana Elisa Caron (first to r.) Talks to physical education students of UFPR.

The 2015 Lecture Tour will be promoted in five universities in Curitiba / PR throughout the year, two in the first half, and always in the last week of the month on which to perform. The subject will differ for each meeting, which enables the student participation and professional throughout the circuit. The aim is to stimulate debate and reflection on the relationship of physical education with sports, health, working life and education. "Congratulations for the quality of lectures by professionals and project" praised one of the participants in an anonymous evaluation questionnaire.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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