Children from Afonso Pena cores and Cidade Jardim in Sao Jose dos Pinhais / PR watch the spectacle of Disney at the Teatro Positivo in Curitiba

Category child Mini 2x2 of São José dos Pinhais Centers, Sport in Action project, behave throughout the show.

The night of August 7 was lots of fun for children category Mini 2 × 2 cores Afonso Pena and Cidade Jardim - Sao Jose dos Pinhais / PR. Accompanied by some parents, 35 students attended the show "Disney Live! The Magic Way Mickey & Minnie "at Teatro Positivo in Curitiba. Besides having fun a lot and do a cultural program, the children got to know colleagues in the same category, but who attend the project minivôlei classes Sport in Action in different gyms.

Tickets were sold to the Institute Share by Opus offers as social contribution and has been made possible also with the support of the Municipal Sporting Goods (SEMEL) Sao Jose dos Pinhais, partner in the project in the city, which provided transportation to students. Upon arrival the bus to the theater, it was possible to see the enthusiasm of the children who took lots of pictures to record the moment with colleagues. With the start of the show, the thrill gained even more strength.

Parents accompany their children walk, play with them and observe the organization of the project in relation to this type of event.

The coordinator of São José dos Pinhais Cores / PR, Fabiano Prado, watched everything closely. "All paid much attention, interacted with colleagues and had fun! They participated in the games and cheered with the magic of the show, "said satisfied. Also according to Fabiano, the opportunity was good to work with, in addition to cooperation which is the amount charged in the Mini 2 × 2, the respect for the other people who were also attending the show, the responsibility for the custody of belongings and cleaning site. The mother of Livia student dos Santos, 10, from Afonso Pena Center, Simone Regina dos Santos enjoyed the presentation and praised the work of the Sport in Action. "It was wonderful. I wanted to thank the project team for the invitation, it was all very well organized. Children are very well attended, "said the mother.

The student of the Center City Garden, David Gabriel, 9, was surprised by the spectacle. "It felt like I was in a dream. I liked the lights, their flying fantasies, liked everything, "said David, who was also happy with the opportunity to be with students from other cores. The Eduarda Antunes, 13, the core Afonso Pena, also liked the presentation, especially the nostalgic effect. "Watching a play is such a unique opportunity, thought it was cool because I remembered from my childhood when I saw the princesses," said the student.

Students guarantee fun even at lunch.

Partner of Nuclei São José dos Pinhais / PR: City of São José dos Pinhais.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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