Former student of the Institute Share and resident of Complexo do Alemão in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Isabella Araujo, tells how the Network Volleyball design influenced your life

Rio's former student, Isabella Araujo, talks about the influence of the project Volleyball Network in your life.

Share when the Institute began to receive the answers of the campaign "Ex-student, where have you been?" Did not realize how many good stories come. One is the Carioca former student of the project Volleyball Network, Isabella Araujo, 18 years. Open smiling girl and firmness in his voice, which for four years has made the project a chance of life.

In 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, presenting the results of the campaign, which was attended by the CEO of Share and coach of the Brazilian men's volleyball, Rezende, Isabella took courage and gave his testimony of life in public, in front about 30 people. His words touched the participants and Share Institute decided to learn more of its history.

"I entered the Institute Share after a draw that did in high school I studied. As I always liked volleyball, I decided to participate. After my entry began to attend classes twice a week and went through all the stages of learning, from the Mini 2 × 2 to the Volleyball "recalls Isa, as it is known among friends and family.

Remembrance: Isabella enjoys visiting the technical and CEO of the Institute Share, Rezende, the core Inhaúma - Rio / RJ

Parents, Jorge Luiz and Zilda Araujo, always attentive to his daughter insisted on encouraging the participation of Isabella, who lives in Complexo do Alemão and went to the Inhaúma Core Volleyball project in bus network. "My parents loved to see me participating in the project. I remember we won tickets to watch the volleyball games in the city and without the Institute would not have this opportunity to make family outings and know a world that would not have access, "says former student, who is grateful for the support he has received.

This time, Isabella has enthusiastically moments lived between new and perennial formed friendships, learned values ​​and days of great fun. "The project taught me too, in addition to volleyball, all life values. I still have friends and keep in touch with my teacher at the core, Roberto Lopes. I have him as a friend, who accompanied me at every stage and taught me a lot, especially to cultivate the union. "

For the teacher Roberto Lopes, "Isabella has always been a leader, seeking what was right and fair to the group, even if it would take more work. I remember her trying hard to grow as a player, "he recalls fondly.

And the post project life? Isabella is currently attending the last year of the telecommunication progress at the Federal Center for Technological Education (CEFET / RJ) and not think about stopping to study: "Next year I intend to follow in healthcare, one attending dental school."

"The project taught me too, in addition to volleyball, all the values ​​of life," says Isabella.

"I learned that even though poor, who lives in a community, I always want more and develop myself in life. Do not give up on your goals, enjoy every opportunity, and know that the project will rely heavily for life, not only on the issue of evolving financially but in family life and as a whole, "Isabella leaves the message to the students of Social and Sporting projects Share and wanting a better future.

Campaign "Ex-student, where have you been?"

In order to measure the impact that sports practice had in the formation of students of the Institute Share in 2013 it was developed the campaign "Ex-student, where have you been?". An online questionnaire with open and closed questions was available and 738 students coming from all over Brazil participated. The proposal is to show how the volleyball activities - allied with the methodology permeated by values ​​- made a difference in the lives of participants.

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Photos: Adriana Lorette and Isabella file.

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