Former students earn scholarships at American institutions through volleyball

The former students Renata Martins, Rafaella Petrunko and Caroline Bodziak (from left. P / r.) Visiting the Central Core Project Initiation Volleyball Nuclei in Parana and to have students from there the influence of sport in their lives.

Three different girls, but with a history and passion in common: volleyball. The former students of Initiation Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná Institute Share Caroline Bodziak, Rafaella Petrunko and Renata Martins embarked for a new life in North American lands. Because of the dedication to volleyball, the three managed to scholarships to study in the United States, and there will, at the same time, learn and play volleyball teams in their own institutions.

Anxiety for the new routine that waiting is not only greater than the joy of achievement that they fought so hard to achieve. To Rafaella, now 18, to return to the University of Georgia came after quite study. She coached volleyball since childhood at the Institute Share, a desire father Vinicius Petrunko, which is the entity's project analyst. With the sharp English and very well trained volleyball over the years, the scholarship was great joy: "all that volleyball has given me so far was unexpected and very broad," he says. Through sports, Rafaella had won a full scholarship at an international school in Curitiba (PR).

Sharing the same sense of happiness, Caroline Bodziak also had no idea that she could win with sports. Her aunt was volleyball player, joined the national team and was even for the Atlanta Olympics. The interest of Caroline, still small, came there, but still did not think it would come to a university in Texas. Caroline is emphatic on the board from their only 21 years of life, "if we have any goal, it just depends on ourselves to make it happen. If we do not do for us, no one will do, "says convinced.

Examples of determination: girls earn scholarships to study in the US and motivate colleagues to run after their dreams.

The youngest of this group of former students is Renata Martins but not least experienced. She was the first to get a scholarship and studied for a year at a high school (secondary school) in the city of Orlando. Last month was spend the holidays in Curitiba, and is now back to the US to complete his studies and seek a place at an American university. "When I arrived, tiny, the first time in the project, the initiative of my parents, I was too afraid and ashamed. And now the volleyball is my life, can not be without, "he says. Despite the challenges faced in a new country, it has adapted well and took all the values ​​learned during classes at the Institute Share.

The result of these three stories together is proof that the mission adopted by Share Institute: "Human development through sports", it is worth. The Initiation Centers to design Volleyball in Parana was established in 1997 and is the oldest of the entity. The multinational Unilever is a partner of the project since its inception and currently are with it the State Government and Federal Law Sports Incentive with the Ministry of Sports. The project is in Curitiba and other 13 municipalities in the state, serving 1600 children and adolescents.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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