June Festival of Central Core - Curitiba / PR entertains families and is proof that with the help of all of you can make a very special event

Gym is crowded: students and their families have a pleasant and enjoyable afternoon together.

About 400 people attended the Arraiá Central Core in Curitiba, held on Saturday, June 27. Students and family Initiation Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná entered the atmosphere and caused the bash become even more beautiful and lively. The decor and the activities promoted in the gym campus of the Secretariat of State for Sport and Tourism, which hosts the minivôlei classes, had the collaboration of many people interested in the success of the event and, in the end, everything worked out. The joy was contagious with many jokes, fun and typical foods of June Festival.

We had very hillbilly tidy this stingray. Who was characterized won "nivelecas" logo in the gym entry (as they are called chips used to participate in event activities) and could still compete for the Beverly Hillbillies prize. This year, seven families sign up for the contest and the top three were awarded. The criteria for the vote on sworn stand, composed of students of Super Volleyball and former students, were: clothing, dance, enthusiasm, originality and harmony. For the second consecutive time, sellers were Gonçalves. For them it is important to participate and attend the event. "The party was perfect," said the family that stayed until the end of the party.

Competition Beverly Hillbillies: Participants enter the Arraiá climate.

There were many attractions and the most requested have actually formed queues, such as traditional fishing. Had everything: game rings, clown mouth, can play, trampoline, chain, elegant mail, bingo and games donated by the Municipal Secretariat of Sports and Youth Leisure of Curitiba (SMELJ), beyond the stage play, as the sack race, involving the delivery of prizes and entertained those present. During the party, they were served sweets as soft maria, Chikki, peanut candy, and cakes, pine nuts, hot dogs, churros and popcorn.

The June Festival was the result of the effort and dedication of teachers, students, alumni, family and volunteers who have been involved since the event planning to the end. Children's Mini 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 Mini were responsible for designing the decorative flags, as colleagues from Mini 4 × 4 in hang them around the gym. Teenagers of the most advanced classes, Volleyball and Volleyball Super, had several functions, including organizing the gym to the stingray and help in games and food stalls. And do not stop there! They took gifts and sweets for the party and, in exchange, received nivelecas.

Voluntary Carlota Queiroz has no children in the project and was willing to help simply because he loves sports. Whenever possible is present in the events organized by the Institute Share and Arraiá he was responsible for the reception. "Very nice family participation! All come with smile on his face, "she said delighted.

Game rings, clown mouth, can play, trampoline, chain, elegant mail, bingo and games donated by the Municipal Sports and Recreation Youth of Curitiba (SMELJ) are some of the attractions.

Parents and guardians have a show and were examples of cooperation for younger kids because assisted at the event as a whole and were responsible for the hot dog, preparing and serving staff. In addition, the core could support several people and institutions who donated bread, some ingredients for snacks, gifts for bingo and the games. It was also essential partnerships made ​​with a distributor of soft drinks, consultant Mary Kay (beauty products), churros car and the SMELJ. The income raises the event will be dedicated to graduation of students of class Super Volleyball (girls this category sold raffle tickets and made a draw during the party, with the prize a candy basket) and for the purchase of materials for the renovation of the gym.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

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