Julino festival brings together the school community of the Center Guaratuba / PR for a day's many games and fun

School community participates in event promoted by the project Guaratuba Core Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná.

A perfect match for that time of year: Julina party with volleyball. The Arraiá the joy of climate Guaratuba core, mixed with sports and fun involved about 180 children and teenagers on 11 July. Among them, students of Launch Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná and the State College Joaquim da Silva Mafra, which hosts the minivôlei classes in the region. The event, called Festival Julino, lasted all day.

Four miniquadras were assembled to sets of 15 points each. One for students ages compatible with the kids category Mini 3 × 3 minivôlei (11 and 12), two for Mini 4 × 4 (13 years) and one for volleyball (14 and 15). While some participated in the games, others took turns in arbitration and registration of teams in miniquadras. It was easy to know who were the students of the project because in addition to the uniform, they put gravatinhas julinas identification. "There was no time when one of miniquadras was no game," he noted met the teacher of Guaratuba Center, Cascia Graciotto.

Week Integration School Community: Julino Festival brings together about 180 participants.

In the snack served by the college, the participants of the Festival Julino tasted popcorn and corn meal cake, accompanied by hot tea. Cassia said the activity was part of the Week of Integration School Community. On that occasion, the participants exchanged experiences and had fun together. "It was wonderful the participation of some faculty and staff (school) in games. Students seemed to motivate could further divide the court with their teachers "reported Cassia. College students were able to learn rather than colleagues of project experience in minivôlei classes, including work values ​​such as responsibility and autonomy, as the kids put their hands dirty and helped in organizing the event.

Among the tasks performed by girls and boys were project assembling the courts, the preparation of the materials that were used during the activities and the school part of décor with Julina party flags. Each of them represented a feeling or important attitude for living in the community as love, peace, friendship, solidarity, compassion, health, patience, tolerance and unity, in addition to the values ​​taught in the Methodology Share Initiation to Volleyball, respect, cooperation, responsibility and autonomy.

Design students decorate the college in June Festival of flags, with values ​​considered important for the citizen life.

Already volunteers Sharing an Ideal - student category Volleyball and alumni who assist teachers in classes and events of cores - conducted a poll with most participants Julino Festival. In all, 152 respondents. All they said they loved the event and 135 considered it organized. Another important fact revealed that 128 respondents had participated in an event sponsored by the Center Guaratuba, which shows that much of the school community is already familiar with the project and participating in activities. During the event, the kids of the Core Project Initiation Volleyball in Parana was able to practice the specific movements of each ground of volleyball, teamwork, overcoming fear, decision making, social integration and leadership on and off the court.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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Julino festival brings together the school community of the Center Guaratuba / PR for a day's many games and fun

A perfect match for that time of year: Julina party with volleyball. O…