Executive manager of the Institute Share entity is the third Conference Hall of Curitiba Youth

Jussara Sorgenfrei of SMELJ (left.) And Nando with coat of Share are the facilitators of the GT Right to Sport and Leisure.

Between 24 and 26 July happened the third of Curitiba Municipal Youth Conference, at the university was space for the discussion and participation of young people about the future of the city in many ways. The executive manager of the Institute Share, Nando, was invited to participate as a facilitator of the Working Group (WG) Right to Sport and Recreation, on Saturday morning, as a representative of a nonprofit entity and liked to hear the views of moçada about it. The stage is integrated into the National Youth Conference, whose theme is "The various forms of change Brazil."

As facilitator, alongside the Nando, attended the same Jussara Sorgenfrei discussion room of the Municipal Department of Leisure Sport and Youth (SMELJ), representative of the government. Along with them were about a dozen young people willing to listen, discuss and propose improvement actions in the city. Nando explained that the intention was to provoke debate through questions directed to young people and find out, for example, sports experiences they have had throughout their lives. "It was a chat placement," said Nando. During the afternoon, participants developed proposals to the government that will inform the drafting of the Municipal Youth Plan.

Young people from different regions of Curitiba debate during the third Curitiba Youth Conference Hall.

What stimulated the participation of the executive manager of the Institute Share in the Municipal Youth Conference was the opportunity to contribute to young people, to help them better understand the difficulties of the sport and to prepare them to make good proposals. "It was very cool. I think we have to listen to more young people. Their opinion of them and is key to building a more just sports policy. " She added, "this energy is very good! That, to me, is motivating, "he said.

The event held by the Coordination of Public Policies for Youth and City Council SMELJ Youth was to update the youth agenda for the development of the municipality, recognizing and enhancing the multiple forms of youthful expression, and to strengthen the fight against all forms of prejudice. Most participants GT Right to Sport and Leisure were the Portal of the Future program for young curitibanos which aims to turn them into true protagonists of collective construction in the search for better quality of life.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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