More than 300 children and adolescents spend an afternoon volleyball and friendship in Curitiba / PR

Students alternate between games, arbitration and workshop.

The Gymnasium Tarumã in Curitiba was full, on August 31 - Saturday - and it was beautiful to see about 300 children and adolescents aged 11 and 12 years distributed in trios, in many volleyball miniquadras. The weather was a lot of fun, friendship and responsibility among students from 16 institutions of Curitiba and metropolitan region. The event was held at the Project Initiation Volleyball Nuclei in Parana, Central Core and enlisted the help of students from the Special Volleyball class.

Early on, the participants of each institution met and crafted posters to introduce themselves to other colleagues, took pictures to record the arrival at the event and enthusiastically sang the National Anthem. Back in court, boys and girls were quite comfortable and were able to practice the sport with ease. The teams were formed by three members of both genders, male and female.

Physical assessment workshop: physical education academics UTFPR perform test weight, height and hip circumference and waist.

Alongside the games, physical evaluation workshop which aimed to alert participants about the main theme of the festival was set up, "physical activity is to gain health every day." In it, physical education academics from Federal Technological University of Paraná - UTFPR - made test weight, height and circumference and waist and hip of the students so they could see how he was health. Then parents, guardians and caregivers could also participate in the workshop. "I think this very important work of the Institute Share of teaching values ​​and always put a parallel theme to the event. The question of the importance of activity reinforces what we teach in school, "says Professor Luciane Sieklicki the college Our Lady of Fatima. She said the students love participate in the event and were very eager for the arrival of the day.

In order to provide greater interactivity between different institutions, increase the number of games and facilitate the exchange of experiences, the matches were only ten points and earned teams different color stamps on the badge indicating to which the play area would. Each student played an average of seven games. On a rotating basis, while some played and others participated in the workshop, some trios were responsible for refereeing matches. Beep, update the score and record the winners, made the participants to practice responsibility, principal of working in the category Mini 3 × 3 Methodology Share Initiation Volleyball to. For the professor of the Central Core, Tatiana Ribas, responsible at the event for teaching arbitration students, the festival only worked well because all fulfilled their duties. "As we share the responsibilities of each group and we had the great help of students from special classes, the event went smoothly," he says.

Responsible and family of the participants of the festival also have fun on the court.

Who went to the gym Tarumã to accompany children and adolescents and attend the festival did not pass will also participate. It is that the end, everyone had the opportunity to play volleyball and have fun with the students, who were presented with water bottles Institute Share.

Of the Institute Share, plus the project Initiation Centers to Volleyball, were also students of Garden City Center - São José dos Pinhais / PR Sport in Action project Other institutions were. School Our Lady of the Rosary, Don Bosco College, State School Manoel Ribas, Sion College, College Lady of Fatima College Positive, Mediatrix College, State Pliny Tourinho College, College Swiss Brazilian, Military Circle Club, Duque de Caxias Club, Club Santa Monica and Volleyball Lions.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball to:

Government of Paraná and Unilever

Via Sports Incentive Law: Unilever, Itaú and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure

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