Core Guaratuba / PR promotes Cultural Gymkhana for about 470 children, teenagers and teachers

Participants create funk music on the College Joaquim da Silva Mafra and Cultural Gymkhana.

The Cultural Gymkhana held by physical education teacher Guaratuba Center, Cascia Graciotto, gave the talk in the State College Joaquim da Silva Mafra, home of minivôlei classes of the city. About 470 children, teenagers and teachers from various disciplines attended the play held on July 17, during the week Integration School Community. On this occasion, students of Launch Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná exercised in practice the values ​​cooperation, responsibility, respect and autonomy of Share Initiation Method to Volleyball and in a different context than they are accustomed, ie, off the court.

Altogether seven teams were formed, each with different ages of members, divided by light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, purple, white and pink, the latter consisting only of design students. To promote integration - the main goal of the contest - the distribution of colored bands was made within the classroom and at the touch the gun, they all went into the courtyard to meet colleagues and teachers who were on the same team. At this time, the college was already overcome with joy and excitement and continued so until the end.

About 470 children, teenagers and teachers participate in games organized by the Center Guaratuba.

The contest consisted of 22 tests. Most of them involved general knowledge, movies, cartoons and singers. Students helped design the Cassia teacher collecting the responses of the evidence of each team and tabulating results. The last challenge of the kids was to create a funk music on the College Joaquim da Silva Mafra and Cultural Gymkhana. The objective was to criticize the derogatory lyrics of this musical style and at the same time, show others that are composed of educational content, such as the song "No Cabral", questioning the history of the discovery of Brazil.

The teacher of the college of sciences, Jose Sobrinho, approved the recreational activity and confirmed that the event reached its main goal: "the integration between students and teachers occurred in an expressive way." Joseph explained that many of the children and adolescents present did not talk with educators and after the contest, began to relate better. The teacher Cassia highlighted another important point: the climate of competition between the teams did not overlap to respect each other. "Everyone competed for the prize, but applauded the victory of the other teams," he said.

Teams champions are awarded squezees and mochilinhas Initiation Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná, the school fanfare t-shirts and many sweets.

As for the students of the Center Guaratuba, the pink team, Cassia noted that were animated from start to finish the contest and the event enabled them to practice the values ​​taught in minivôlei classes. "The three project groups worked as a great team," he said. The contest champions won a basket of prizes, which contained squezees and mochilinhas the project, the school fanfare t-shirts and many sweets.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

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