Core Pato Branco / PR performs minivôlei festival

Festival participants "Duck Volleyball I" sing the National Anthem.

Students category Mini 3 × 3 core Pato Branco / PR participated, on 05 September, the minivôlei festival called I Duck Volleyball, held in the gym of Pato Branco State College. The event counted on the participation of the school principal, Luiza Lupchak, and the representative of the Regional Education Center, Marcelo Oltramari, that at the beginning of the event, gave welcome to those present. "The project is important in the development of volleyball in the city, also in the intellectual and social development of students," said Marcelo.

Before the games begin, the about 60 children and adolescent participants sang the National Anthem, have athlete's oath and delivered posters made on respect and responsibility. In a nutshell, the director Luiza expressed his opinion about the event: "excellent initiative! In addition to improving the sport, work values, making the best students in the classroom and in their day-to-day. "

Before beginning the game, students show respect and greet the colleagues.

In the first stage of the festival, the teacher core, Simone Pastorello, distributed four cards numbered for each enrolled team, with different colors for females and males. The dynamic was simple: the teams that reached the first 18 points of the match, earned a plug Colleagues opponent. In the second stage, after the snack, the students with the most chips played the semifinal. And at the end of the festival, some teams that stood out were awarded with medals.

The event was an opportunity to integrate the students of the project, which put in place - technical and values ​​- they have learned in class. The student Rachel Ballen, 12, was enthusiastic about the I duck Volleyball. "It's been really cool. I'm really enjoying participate. The teacher is very good and we have learned a lot since the beginning of the year! Here the festival is that you realize. This type of event should happen throughout the year, "he said.

Boys receive medals in minivôlei Festival Center Pato Branco / PR.

Simone Pastorello highlighted the assistance of former students in the organization and arbitration festival. Luan Paul, who was part of the Project Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná, was at the event, he collaborated with the activities and sparked fond memories: "Here I learned to play volleyball and a person's values. Was the best choice of my life! "He said. Fabiane Sloboda, student's mother, also did classes in the project, but in 1997 when it was still called Rexona. "I, as a participant of the first year of the project, I have only praise, because I learned a lot! I find it very good encouragement for students to do sport, because at the time we are in is difficult to see a child give up the TV or internet to play sports. Encouraging my daughter to be part of the project, because I know that she only has to win, "he concluded.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Sports Incentive Act: Itaú, Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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