Core Taquara - Rio / RJ promotes lively activities for students in the project Volleyball Network

Games are part of the participants and are opportunities to practice the technical fundamentals of volleyball.

On 21 July, the Taquara Nucleus Minivôlei held a festival to mark the closing of the activities of the first half of the project Volleyball Network in the Integrated Center of Public Education (CIEP) Composer Donga, venue of the core activities. About 40 students attended the event, had fun and shared experiences with colleagues of categories Mini 3 × 3, 4 × 4 and Mini Volleyball. In addition to games, always expected the kids, the teacher core, Fernanda May, promoted an activity to encourage cooperation among children and adolescents.

The event started early with some students ready to help the teacher in the organization and decoration of the court and to prepare the snack table. The director of the CIEP Composer Donga, Cristiane Bridges, was present and talked a little kids eat. Cristiane stressed the importance of Volleyball Network project on the students and revealed that, through minivôlei classes, some students showed improvements discipline and studies.

Students of categories Mini 3x3, 4x4 and Mini Volleyball Taquara Nucleus are present at the festival.

The festival was divided into two main moments. First, the students participated in a game called "Dolphin and Sardines" - similar to the "Catch-current" - in which children and teenagers may opt to drop or hold their colleagues. "I sought to encourage the exercise of solidarity and complicity in this game, to help practicing these and other skills in other unions 'oceans' life," said Fernanda teacher.

In the second time, students formed teams in their respective categories: Mini 3 × 3 and 4 × 4 Mini. Teens category Volleyball practiced enough responsibility and autonomy, as exercised the functions of referees and table officials to ensure the smooth running of the games. After the break the roles were reversed: Students of categories Mini 3 × 3 and 4 × 4 Mini were responsible to officiate the games and write down the scores of colleagues from category Volleyball. The student Renan Warley, 15, from category Volleyball loves festivals and wish it had more often. "For me I could have all the classes," he said. The Franciely colleague da Silva, 13, the Mini 4 × 4 category, said that, despite being a little nervous, also likes to participate. The Institute Share encourages the promotion of events in the nuclei also so that children and adolescents learn to deal with emotions, such as the student Franciely the end, all students were awarded medals.

Students help in cleaning the court, the festival organizers and exercising citizenship values ​​taught in the project.

Partner Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall. Via Sports Incentive Law: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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