Tour the factory of Brazil Kirin is attraction for the students of the New Town Center - Itu / SP

Attentive, students get to know some of the history of Brazil Kirin.

To know more about the history of Brazil Kirin, partner sponsor of the Institute Share and Network Volleyball project in the city of Itu / SP, has become a lively and special programming for kids who attends minivôlei classes Core New Town, located in the region. On the 26th of June and July 7th were two visits to the factory. On that occasion, the children and adolescents of the Mini 2 categories × 2 (9 and 10 years) and Mini 3 × 3 (11 and 12 years) understand how the production process of brand soda and made a snack with friends to give mouth watering.

Knowing the soft drink production process is part of the tour.

Students enjoyed a lot and most of them shared the same opinion: "I want to go again next year," said Maria Drielly Claudino, 9, the Mini 2 × 2 category. A colleague from the same category and age, Tayla Francielle Gomes said: "I loved it, I wanted to repeat." The teacher core, Karina Rodrigues, also liked the visit and highlighted some positive points: receptivity, simple and didactic presentation, and motivating context and the guide, who was patient and dynamic.

Children and adolescents have fun with the ride in and out of there with a lot of news to tell parents and guardians.

Visits to the factory Kirin Brazil are another way to provide different experiences to the students, but not only that. They learn a lot from the tour, take questions and begin to understand the work done by hundreds of people who live in São Paulo region, many of them relatives of the kids: "I feel very privileged to participate in the project (Volleyball Network) and can be instrument to give this joy to children. Very yummy see the look of them on the new "confessed Karina.

Core partners of Itu / SP: Municipality of Itu and Brazil Kirin.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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