Physical education professionals, medicine, nutrition and psychology debate on obesity in the Lecture Circuit 2015 Institute Share

First: guest speakers from the fields of physical education, medicine, nutrition and psychology talk about the "Different Visions to Combat Obesity" to about 80 participants.

Bring together professionals from the fields of sport and health to discuss the "Different Visions to Combat Obesity." This was the objective of the third edition of the Institute Share 2015 Lecture Circuit, held at the School Don Bosco on the evening of Friday, July 03. The fight against the entity physical inactivity also causes obesity was the major developer for the choice of subject. The dynamic format of the event enabled the 80 participants to interact more effectively with the speakers, the physical education teachers, and Adel Youssef Marcelo Ribas, the physician Dr. Anthony Hirt, a psychologist and nutritionist Camila Chudek Eliane Tagliari .

Academic physical education of the second year of the Don Bosco School, Jessica Morais, age 23, was very interested in the subject. Your participation in this edition of the Lecture Circuit had a noble purpose: to understand a little more about childhood obesity, focusing on underprivileged children. For Jessica, for the most part, these children have no specific care within the school environment and it would be important to have, especially in a multidisciplinary way. "I thought (the event) very interesting, because obesity is not a topic to be discussed only by physical education teachers," he said.

As it is to talk about health, how about a stretching exercise?

The meeting was divided into two parts. In the first, the speakers exposed a little bit about obesity from the point of view of each area, increasingly growing disease in our society. The participants listened carefully to the words of professionals, clarified doubts and most importantly, they might have different perceptions on the issue and understand the importance of interdisciplinary professions. "I think it's important this type of movement and the idea is this union!" Said the lecturer of nutrition, Eliane Tagliari. The vast majority present at the meeting was academic or professional physical education, but there were also people from the fields of medicine, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy, social work, among others, even accurate.

After the break, when they were served fruit and natural juices detoxification, the debate became more dynamic: each speaker is directed to a different room - physical education, medicine, nutrition and psychology - and circle, spoke with academics and professionals according to their questions. A first year student of nutrition at the University Positive, Melissa Ianck, 23, liked the approach of all the professionals of the sport areas and health. In the second phase of the event, she opted for two rooms in particular where they were the nutritionist, Eliane Tagliari, and the psychologist, Camila Chudek. Melissa praised the format adopted as it could answer questions that were not esplanades in the early part of the meeting.

Second: speakers are divided into different rooms and deepen the issue with academics and professionals in the areas of sport and health.

The Share Institute 2015 Lecture Circuit held in partnership with Don Bosco School, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), UniBrasil, Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), Positivo University and the Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), with the support of the Regional Council of Physical Education (Cref9 / PR). In April, the event was held at UFPR, when the results and the impact of Social and Sporting projects for human development were discussed; and in May, the UniBrasil with the super special presence volleyball setter and Olympic champion, Fofão, to talk about the athlete as inspiration for new generations. "I really liked it! I will keep coming! "Said Melissa, referring to the next edition of the Lecture Circuit, scheduled for August in Universidade Positivo (more information will be disclosed yet).

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