#Quemfaz: Meet the teacher's project Volleyball Network in Rio de Janeiro, Roberto Lopes

Since 2010 on the project, Professor Roberto Lopes (left.) Keeps the smile and dedication to their students.

Roberto Cardoso Lopes is one teacher that students love. The Rio 55 years are married, and considers all their students as children and volleyball, as their work and passion. Roberto is the honored teacher of the time in our #QuemFaz section, which will show who are the people that do all the work of the Institute Share over Brazil.

Roberto is a professor of Share since 2010, the same year that started project activities Network Volleyball in Rio. By partnering with the Municipality of the city, the Institute came to the school, where his teacher was giving physical education classes . "At the time, the director called me asking if I would like to participate in a volleyball project in contraturno. As I always have different things in high school, including extracurricular activities in various forms, I accepted, "says the teacher.

However, this passion for volleyball took a while to surface. When he graduated in physical education from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, there by 1985, he intended to work with football. At the time, Roberto almost finished a graduate degree in football, even got to have a quick experience in America Football Club. But it was in 1988 that his career took another turn, Roberto came gazetted as a teacher in public schools. Since then, he taught children and adolescents all sports practice has to offer.

In the middle of the kids during the Network Volleyball Festival in the Park in 2015.

The Network Volleyball project in Rio he has a title and either: it is one of the record holders in students served. "You have to vibrate, to live and work for what they like," argues Roberto, who is now as their preferred sport volleyball. "I watch volleyball, I Rexona-Ades much to the training here in Rio, and I am always with students in Minivôlei festivals, tours, contests and games in Maracanãzinho" he says.

Out volleyball, we discover another passion of the teacher: his trips to Niteroi, where has a house on the beach of Itaipu. "I was born in Rio and the most that is going to Niterói. There early agreement on the beach road, I give my dives and spend the evening listening to the wind sitting on the porch, "he says. The teacher will retire next year, but to the delight of his students, Roberto intends to continue his work within the Institute Share.

Currently, there are 15 centers of the Network Volleyball project in Rio / RJ, serving approximately 1,300 children and adolescents. Since 2010, the Centers Rio happen in partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall. From 2014 they began to receive funding via the Sports Incentive Law in partnership with Unilever and the Ministry of Sports.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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