Students from 14 design centers in Volleyball Network in Rio de Janeiro participate in Closing Festival

Festival de Encerramento proporciona trocas de experiências entre alunos de 14 núcleos no Rio de Janeiro.

Closing festival provides exchange of experiences between students from 14 centers in Rio de Janeiro.

The most anticipated event of the year by the students Nuclei Rio / RJ took place on December 11 at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ. More than 400 students from 14 centers in operation in the city participated in the closing of the Year Festival, had fun together in many popular verses assembled in the gym. During matches, the mood was friendship and respect among participants in the project Volleyball Network. For five cores, which started the activities this year, this was the first participation in a major event like this.

Distributed by the gym, students of categories Mini 3 × 3, 4 × 4 Mini Volleyball and could play several times with different teams, which in turn increases engine acquis, experience and the experience of the game. Another big win is to strengthen the values ​​of work performed on the project. At big festivals like this, students practice the responsibility for arbitration of games from colleagues, respect for differences and less skilled friends, work together for the festival to flow as planned and, finally, have the autonomy to choose the teams and participation in the workshops.

Atividade estimula alunos a repensarem valores

Activity encourages students to rethink values

On a rotating basis, all passed by the courts, participated in the workshop of values ​​(respect and responsibility) and refereed games. In addition, the partnership signed with UFRJ enabled sports dentistry student researchers did a primary assessment of teething several students.

For the teacher's Banking Center, Rosa Maria de Moura, it was very important to participate in the festival. The core is one of the activities that began in 2014. "It was very important for students to experience such a dynamic event as was the closing festival with so many teens and variety of activities. They were enthusiastic about his victories, and when not earned realized that it was important to continue trying to improve. Increased self-esteem, feeling part of something important to them, "says the teacher.

Distribuição de medalhas fecha evento com chave de ouro.

Medal distribution event closes with a flourish.

"A great experience for me and for my students that in some cases had never experienced a sporting event outside the school walls, I was really aggrandizing. Everyone left exhausted from play and the conversation on the bus back could not be anything, except the reports of how good it was to participate, "says Professor of Deodoro Center, John Fabio Toniato also new to Network Volleyball design.

Another positive aspect of the event have happened at UFRJ was a collaboration of academic physical education in the running of the event, they took care of the courts and guided students for what activity should go. The teacher Taquara Nucleus, Fernanda May, was the one who negotiated with the University: "I was delighted with the release of the gym by Professor Ricardo Ramos who was very generous and considerate to the Festival happen safely," he says.

Partner Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall.

Photos: IC Disclosure

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