Project students participate Volleyball Network of Student Games in Rio de Janeiro 2015

Network design students Volleyball represent the Municipal School Ceará in volleyball mode in the Student Games in 2015.

The Student Games in Rio de Janeiro provided much joy to 27 children and adolescents of the project Volleyball Network, Core Inhaúma. They represented the Municipal School Ceará, home of minivôlei classes, and learned a lot from the event. The games in volleyball mode occurred on the 27th of August, 3:11 September at Tycoons indoor soccer club. Also present were students of the Municipal Schools of Rio de Janeiro, John Kopke and Pastor Miranda Pinto.

The teacher core, Roberto Lopes, accompanied the students during the event, and believes that the games have very important role to encourage children and adolescents who participate. Yet, according to him, the volleyball stage of Student Games in 2015 served as a great diffuser of the sport and led more students to sports. To participate in the games, the members of the project Volleyball Network of categories Mini 3 × 3, 4 × 4 Mini Volleyball and went through a special period of preparation that earned much penalty. "More than technical and tactical development, the biggest gain they obtained was the emotional maturation," said Roberto.

After the games, the students and the teacher Roberto celebrate with barbecue.

The team of student Richard Lima, 13, the Mini 3 × 3 category, was victorious in the event. "Team unity of good, did not give up, help each other and managed to stay calm," said Richard. Students category Volleyball were not champions, but no one was head down. Pedro Vieira, 14, said he and his colleagues have performed well. "It was a very good experience, I managed to improve my game. The most important thing was that I learned that we have to be happy in our work, the dedication, it is not always that we will be champions. We should be proud of our position because the outcome is the result of our work, "concluded Peter.

The Student Games in Rio de Janeiro aimed at stimulating the sporting, social and cultural exchanges between students, teachers and managers from various state educational institutions. Share The Institute believes that the competition also contributes greatly to the formation, growth and personal growth of children and adolescents.

Partner Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall. Via Sports Incentive Law: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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