Activities on the environment and circus arts infect the Central Core in Curitiba, during Minivôlei Festivals

Students Category Mini 2x2 Central Core practice sport with values ​​with colleagues in the College of Paraná Military Police.

Students Mini 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 Mini Central Nucleus, Nucleus Project Initiation to Volleyball in Paraná, participated in different activities on Saturday, August 29th. In the morning, the children of the first category, with nine and 10 years old, and colleagues asked the College of Military Police of Paraná (CPM) had fun and learned a lot from minivôlei games, games and workshops on sustainability and the environment . In the afternoon, students of the Mini 3 × 3 practiced circus arts with students of the School Don Bosco. It's not hard to imagine the excitement of the kids. More than 300 people attended, including students, teachers, parents and guardians.

Participants of the Mini 2 × 2 festival category were divided into four groups that took turns in four main areas: two for the practice of volleyball and two for gymkhana and workshop sustainability and the environment. Different activities, such as the blind volleyball - where one side of the court does not see the others - and volleyball sheet - rather than playing with their hands, participants use sheets - made the joy of children and invited colleagues. They were also free to play on courts Mini 2 × 2 to practice what they learned from the teachers, including the value of cooperation worked in this category. The student Gabriel dos Santos, age 9, the Mini 2 × 2, said he liked to play with the Military Police College staff.

Parents and guardians participate in activities promoted the kids.

Parents also participated in the competitions and were able to help children in building ecological dolls, made with pantyhose, buttons, sand and canary seed, and in the game of the ecological board, with which they have learned a little about nature conservation, recycling, saving water and light. After the groups go through all areas, parents could play with the students, which surprised Marcelo Amancio, father of Leonardo Amancio, the CPM. "I found it very cool that interaction among children, but what I did not expect it was that parents were called to play. I just hit a ball with my son, it was very good, "he said happily. In the end, all won medals. Professor Roberta Rosana, the CPM, which was part of the project Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in Paraná for 13 years, emphasized the quality of the event and the importance of the project. "The event was wonderful, it's beautiful to see what this project is, children cooperating, interacting with one another, was very good, are all to be congratulated," praised Rosana. Teens category Volleyball and Volleyball Super were essential during the event, both the organization and the activities.

Already the afternoon was dedicated to the students of the Mini 3 × 3, and the festival theme was the circus arts. Parents and students present were divided into four groups and allocated in two areas. The first one had six blocks with free games to practice volleyball, and the second with three workshops. There, the children could, along with parents, make balls to juggle, with beans, pieces of trash bag and balloons, learning to do acrobatics, balance activities and even a human pyramid, all with the help of the Faculty of academics Don Bosco.

Participants celebrate success of the event whose theme was "circus arts".

The mother of the student Maria Eduarda Martins, 11, Fátima Martins, liked the festival, including congratulated teachers. "The games were fantastic, it was great to meet new people. Wanted to congratulate the means employed to interact parents and students, "said the mother. In an anonymous survey students loved the festival, one of them liked it so much that he believes to be the best festival of his life. Another has been more punctual, and highlighted activities. "It was very cool. Part of the workshops and volleyball. I liked it a lot". Students present the festival won medals and parents and guardians were not out of this. They also were the victors of the event, after all, participation and their involvement with the project activities worth mentioning.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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