Five years of mutual learning: partner's shares Potiguar University benefit academics and students of the institution Christmas Core / Project RN Network Volleyball

Partnership between the UNP and the design Christmas Volleyball Center Network of the Institute Share exists since 2010.

The Potiguar University (UNP) is to the Institute Share that partner with whom you can really tell. Since 2010, when he joined the Center Natal / RN Network Volleyball project, the UNP has always been very active and still has significant benefits for students in the minivôlei classes. Teachers and families of the kids follow everything closely and also participate in some activities.

Besides financial support to the core, which helps to make the project work in the city, the UNP held different educational activities. Students from different areas of health such as nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, dentistry and physical education often go to the core to give lectures, conduct physical assessments, blood tests and various other activities that enrich the development of children and adolescents and that even parents and responsible.

Students' families also benefit from the actions promoted by the partner.

One of the professionals most involved UNP with the project, the coordinator of physical education course, Danielle Mafra, believes that "the partnership between the Potiguar University and Share Institute is very important because it allows graduate students the knowledge and understanding of how a social project and its importance in practice, what magnifies as citizens. In addition, the partnership contributes to excellent stage practices every semester, and prepares them for their professional future. In sum, Share Institute provides students and teachers UNP social and professional development of extraordinary and unique way, "Danielle account satisfied.

The 2014 Annual Report made by the Institute Share showed how Christmas Core / RN stands out nationally: it is one of the most stable, surpassing most of the goals, and highlighting the broad participation of the families of students. The teacher and local coordinator of the nucleus, José Cláudio de Araújo, notes the importance of partnership with the UNP in their daily lives, "they are quite present. Not only within the project, with talks and events, as well as outside, for example when we forward any student for dental work and they promptly help, "he says.

Week Oral Health: in 2010, the UNP academics visiting the center for educational activity.

The project beneficiaries are students, but the students and the teachers UNP also learn a lot from the partnership. "It was very motivating monitor the implementation of the Institute Share project. The experience was inspiring for students, trainees of our University, and also for me, for the lessons followed an organized and coherent planning with the most different needs of children and adolescents who have benefited from them, "says the education course teaching physical, Andressa Guimarães. She also points out that "the project is a tool that prepares for life, because in addition to promoting the practice of sports, it contributes to the formation of citizens aware about core values ​​to grow in life as discipline and respect."

The Core Natal / RN started in 2006 and currently also has a partnership with the City of Christmas, Christmas Volley Club (where happen the project classes) and the College Integrated Education Centre (IEC). In the city, the project serves about 200 children and teenagers.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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