Children and adolescents core Saint Vincent - Campinas / SP have fun with games of Brazilian popular culture

Game elastic entertains students during the first day of activities.

To celebrate the Day of Folklore, August 22, the students of the Center Saint Vincent - Campinas / SP took part in different games and activities. The objective was to rescue the Brazilian popular culture with moments of great fun. About 40 students from Mini 2 categories × 2 and Mini 3 × 3 attended the Municipal Elementary School Julio de Mesquita Filho, where happen classes of Volleyball project Network, to participate in activities held on 26 and 28 thereof month.

On the first day, children and adolescents discussed the event theme with the teacher core, Laertes Rodrigues and then choose the games they wanted to participate in the first part of the class. One was cordless phone with catch-up, which ran as follows: to err secret message informed by the first mate of the queue, students should run to safety to avoid being caught by the last player, who had the duty reveal the message aloud. The excitement was contagious to everyone.

Festival brings activities of popular culture for children and adolescents Volleyball Network project.

In the second part of the lesson, the kids attended a circuit composed of volleyball, jump rope, stretch the game and play with your hands. The student Kailan Prado, 10, the Mini 3 × 3, liked the wide variety of activities. "I like these games because they are different than we usually do," said Kailan.

On the second day of the festival the students had more contact with the ball. The four areas for the practice of activities, three were for volleyball and one for the game cap, a sort of table football, only with pet bottle caps. After two hectic days, students met again and talked about their experiences during the festival. Beatriz Cassiano, 10, the Mini 2 × 2, said satisfied: "I always like to play volleyball, but I liked most of this festival because they had other activities as well," said the student. On the plus side, Professor Laerte highlighted the active participation of all students.

Volleyball and cap kit are attractions of the second day of the event.

Partner of Nuclei Campinas / SP: Municipality of Campinas, Brazil Kirin and with the support of Sanasa.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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