Teams formed for the Children's Festival get creative names of the students of the Center Higienópolis - Rio / RJ

Minivôlei Games amuse students.

The Children's Festival, organized by Professor of the Center Higienópolis, Rosane Muricy, surrendered fun and enjoyable moments among students of Volleyball Network project. The event took place on October 23, at the Municipal School Alcide de Gasperi, and gathered about 60 boys and girls participated in minivôlei games. In the morning the kids category Mini 4 × 4 took advantage of the activities and in the afternoon, teenagers category Volleyball entered court.

The festival category Mini 4 × 4 began with school coordinator of welcome, Marta Carapajó. Then Rosane reinforced to students the importance of always practicing the values ​​taught in class (as cooperation, responsibility and respect) and said the event would be an opportunity for that. After the timely words of the teachers, the kids went to the court for minivôlei matches.

The teams were given curious names, Peanut, Brigadier, Sweet Milk, Patty and others also very creative. The students themselves made the arbitration games and, according to the teacher core, with responsibility and dedication. In the end, the two teams that stood out during the games won medals. All were delighted with a cake in celebration of Children's Day and seized the moment of happiness to take multiple pictures and have lunch together at school.

Responsible for student prepares a cake in celebration of the festival.

"It was really cool, because I'm the category Mini 3 × 3 and had the opportunity to play in the Mini 4 × 4, with the Chocolate team. Won medal because we had enough wins, "said Natan Nascimento, 13 years. Leticia Pereira student, 14, from Mini 4 × 4 category, also liked the festival, "played against each other several times and all in a festive atmosphere," he said.

Students of Volleyball category also participated in the festival, but during the afternoon, following the same format of the morning. As autonomy is the main value worked in this category, the teacher chose four students and allowed them to stay free to choose the other members of their teams. The motto was: learn to win with humility and win with dignity. "Day extra special. I'm getting homesick! "Said Suéllen Rittes, 14, from category Volleyball, which is the last year of the project.

Rosane also was thrilled with the festival and felt that the effort was too far off: "I'm gratified and happy to see the children share experiences and deal with wins and losses in a healthy and natural way. It was a very enjoyable and memorable day in the lives of students and to me. " Marta has already said that students show interest and satisfaction in participating in the project Volleyball Network and that events such as the Children's Festival are very positive, as students experience new and fundamental experiences for citizenship.

Partners Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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