Festival interacting Nuclei Rio / RJ leaves good memories to students and teachers of the project Volleyball Network

Respect: Students practice the values ​​taught during minivôlei classes by teachers.

The interacting Festival Nuclei Rio / RJ, held between 09 and 12 September, was remarkable for many students the project Volleyball Network. They left transpire joy and excitement in attending the event with colleagues who had never seen. For these children and adolescents, the festival was an opportunity to make new friends, practice the sport they like and the values ​​they learned from their teachers of physical education, such as cooperation, responsibility and respect. Not to mention the positive experience they had when talking to professional athletes women's volleyball team Rexona-AdeS, Amanda, Fabí, Fofão, Giovana, Juciely, Mayhara, Paula and Roberta, led by coach and CEO of the Institute Share, Rezende .

The main feature of interacting Festival is to perform minivôlei games between students of different nuclei, located in the same city. In Rio, the Network Volleyball project is in 15 schools in the municipal school system, factor favoring the execution of the event. For lack of teacher, the Queen's Mill Center is in the suspended activities but, in general, are about 1,300 affected students.

On 09 September, the games took place between cores Ricardo Albuquerque and Taquara, and between cores Tijuca, Rio and Bonsucesso Long; already on the 10th, Guadeloupe and Inhaúma went into court. The Bank cores and Higienópolis attended the event on the 11th, as well as the core Vicar General and Coelho Neto. On the last day 12, the interacting Festival featured games between cores and Penha Governor's Island. The coordinator of the Rio Nuclei / RJ, Renata Regis, was present at all stages of the event, helped teachers and relayed the information to the main interacting Share Institute.

The Juciely athletes (left.) And Paula's Rexona-AdeS have a different and exciting day with the students of Volleyball Network project during a visit to interacting Festival of Bank cores and Higienópolis.

It was revealed the positive behavior of children and adolescents in various situations that occurred during the event. Many were proactive and respectful to greet without the guidance of teachers, colleagues from other centers. The experience of each was also essential for collective learning, even in arbitration and point counts. The students themselves have praised the attitude of his colleagues: "I really enjoyed playing with them (Coelho Neto). They played 'super' well and that was important because it showed everyone what they learned from a lot of training and willpower, "said Luanna dos Santos, 13, the Mini 4 × 4 category, core Vicar General.

For the student of the Center Tijuca, Beatriz Tavares, 14, the Mini 3 × 3 category, the event caused her to make more friends. "Everyone played clean in the games," he said. A student of Inhaúma Center, Larissa de Jesus, 13, the Mini 3 × 3 category, lost to shyness. "Students of Guadalupe are really nice, they would soon learn things from us and made me to speak, something I can not do naturally," he said excitedly.

The presence required of Rexona-AdeS team girls in interacting Festival was also quite motivating. They took photos with the children and adolescents, the autographed shirts of the students and talked about the challenges, difficulties, overruns and career achievements. The athletes took the opportunity to advise the kids about the importance of education. The Student Center Taquara, Wellington Freire, 11, the Mini 3 × 3 category, warmed to chat, "was all wonderful! Even made questions to the players to see if they study too! I'll never want to leave the project, "he said.

Fofão enters the court and makes the joy of many children and adolescents from Governor's Island cores and Penha.

The entrance of the athletes on the court was stimulating to all who were eager to see them practicing volleyball. The Fabí was invited to play with the students of Bonsucesso cores, Long River and Tijuca. "The kids loved the challenge! Even we teachers also had the opportunity to play with her, "said Professor Eliane Villela, Core Long River. The student Inhaúma Center, Pedro Henrique, 12, the Mini 3 × 3 category, it was with great impressions of the event: "I found nice to meet the players, they play a lot! I learned that I should not be disrespectful. I want other festivals, it is a lot of fun, "he said.

If the event is already fun for the kids who attend, the longest, the minivôlei classes, I imagine for those who participated for the first time. It is the core of the students' case opened in early 2014, Banking, Guadeloupe, Ricardo Albuquerque and Vicar General. "The festival is a great opportunity to network with other teachers and students, and to meet professionals players and increase our experiences," said Professor Wesley Lima, Core Ricardo Albuquerque. Interacting Festival participants received medals, delivered by the players or by the colleagues of different cores, in order to promote integration between them. All shook hands and congratulated each other.

Partner Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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