Core Cornelius / PR promotes minivôlei festival and has the help of alumni

Students of the Mini 3x3 categories, 4x4 and Mini Volleyball advantage minivôlei festival Core Cornelius.

Children and adolescents core Cornelius, had the opportunity to learn more about their colleagues who also attend classes Initiation Centers project to Volleyball in Paraná, but in other categories. This is because, on 31 August, the teacher core, Márcio Seugling, held a minivôlei festival for kids of categories Mini 3 × 3, 4 × 4 and Mini Volleyball. The event took place in the gymnasium of the Public School Castro Alves, project headquarters in the city and in addition to the kids, attended some alumni who were instrumental in organizing the event.

During the festival the students of the Mini 3 × 3 and 4 × 4 Mini could play together and played several volleyball matches among themselves, with the support of colleagues from more advanced category, Volleyball, and alumni. For Professor Márcio, the share of students who are very important because they are examples for those who still attend minivôlei classes. "During the event they were able to demonstrate to the kids what they learned within the project," he said.

Participants record special time with the teacher core, Márcio Seugling (white background).

As for the adolescent Volleyball, the teacher proposed double games, different from what they are used in class - matches with six members on each team -. According to Márcio, the goal was to strengthen the ties within the project, provide a different activity to the mode and favor the practical work that is performed within the classes. The student Lorena Regina, 14, from category Mini 4 × 4, said happily: "I like coming to volleyball, volleyball is my life." After the activities, students were awarded medals.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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