Minas Gerais cores and Rio de Janeiro enjoy parades Seven September to promote the project in its cities

Children and adolescents of the Vicar General Core - Rio / RJ also take to the streets and disseminate project work.

On September 7 commemorates the independence of Brazil and, not to be left out of the festivities, some nuclei took to the streets to participate in the civic-military parade. The kids of Camp cores - Lagoa Santa / MG; Deodoro and Vicar General - Rio / RJ took the opportunity to publicize the Network Volleyball design in their cities. The students gave a concert and caught the attention of many people who attended the presentations.

Representatives of Camp Center, 11 students from Mini 2 × 2 categories Mini 3 × 3 and 4 × 4 Mini were in the parade held at Rim Lagoon. While waiting the beginning of the celebrations, children and teenagers played a bit and played some volleyball matches. The teacher core, Juliana Montebrune, said that at present, many people were interested in the activities. "Several mothers and students from other schools came to ask the procedure to join the Network Volleyball project," he commented pleased.

Students of Camp Center - Lagoa Santa / MG heat before the parade and people present are interested in the project classes.

During the parade, the students were able to show a little of what they learned in Minivôlei classes, making headlines and touches along the way. The mother of the student Julia Vitoria, eight years, the category Mini 2 × 2 Camp Center, Daniela Pimenta, watched her daughter and noted several positive aspects of her participation in the project. "We were happy to see the companionship of children during the parade. I loved seeing the excitement of Julia, who through the project is learning to work cooperation, self-esteem and practicing healthier habits of life, "said the mother.

When they arrived in front of the main podium children made a choreography that was tested especially for the parade. The result could not be different, the kids received much applause. Because they are in different categories, the sisters Louise, 14, from category Mini 4 × 4, and Helena Gaspar, 10, the Mini 2 × 2 category, do not take classes in the same class, but the show played well together. "It was really cool because they are of different sizes and categories and could parade together," said the teacher.

On September 4, the Deodoro Center also participated in the parade in your community with the presence of 13 students. On June 09, the Center Vicar General was present at the event at the America Gardens neighborhood, which is adjacent to the Network Volleyball project headquarters neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Children and adolescents formed the first platoon and took with them banners net on Volleyball. The parade was attended several schools in the region and was attended by about 25 students this core.

Core Deodoro - Rio / RJ is present in the parade of Sete de Setembro.

Core partners of Lagoa Santa / MG: Municipality of Lagoa Santa and Uptime.

Partner Nuclei Rio / RJ: City of Rio de Janeiro and Unilever City Hall. Via Sports Incentive Law: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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