Who We Are

Share The Institute is a nonprofit institution, founded and chaired by coach Rezende since 2003. It operates in Social and Sporting projects working novice volleyball on a specific methodology. In the activities, students are guided by physical education teachers to assimilate concepts of citizenship, experiencing values ​​as cooperation, responsibility, respect and autonomy, as well as resilience and self-esteem. There is an educational program that supports the socioesportivas actions.

Its mission is to human development through sport and aims to create opportunities for track and field quality, prioritize disadvantaged sections, to promote equality and act in Social and Sporting and educational programs. The Institute Share invests in its teachers and coordinators through training, refresher courses, technical visits, intranet and symposia, besides the constant support of project analysts. Seeking more effective action, conducts monitoring and evaluation of cores socioesportivo program, and monitors monthly quantitative data such as frequency rate in the activities, occupying spaces, workload, among others, and in some places, sends an external professional to perform qualitative monitoring every three months. This system facilitates the reorientation of direction for the evolution of results and, if necessary, assists change planning.


  • Investment PEOPLE;
  • Transparency and Ethics in what you do;
  • EFFECTIVENESS OF EXCELLENCE and in the actions;
  • Commitment of all to a better society.