#Quemfaz: Vinicius know Petrunko, project analyst of the Institute Share

Vinicius Petrunko (third from left. P / dir.) Next to Rezende and athletes Rexona, Rexona when the team trained in Curitiba / PR.

Vinicius Petrunko, with almost 40 years of many life experiences, has very nice story to tell. Before becoming an analyst of the Institute Share projects, worked in a fast food franchise and was privileged to be part of the technical Rezende at the beginning of the old project Rexona in Curitiba, there in 1997. Now it becomes easier to understand his passion by volleyball. In addition to the sport, Vinicius has other loves is married and is the father of three children.

Still in high school times, as a teenager, Vinicius was already thinking about studying physical education, for he liked sports. However, the dream of living abroad and working in fast-food franchise almost did go another way. "I was finishing the studies. I worked in fast food franchise and had a good chance to grow! I was two years without studying, just working, but then my father gave me a call because I was not studying. And that's when I decided to pay the entrance exam for physical education, "recalls Vinicius.

This start was even full of surprises. During this transition time between work in fast food, where Vinicius met his current wife, and passing the entrance exam of physical education at the Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), I knew he would be the father of a boy. And a year later, would come a daughter on the way. "Despite the surprise, the issue of children helped me to have more maturity and responsibility at work. After all, I had that income, "recalls Vinicius, who later, aged 30, had another daughter.

Minivôlei clinic of the Institute Share: Vinicius minister course in 2006. To his right, his son and former student Luke Petrunko hears his father's guidance.

Since the days of the early initiation of nuclei project to Volleyball in Paraná, the project analyst recalls how was your first contact: "I was in college yet, in 1997, and a friend of mine who worked in Tarumã Gymnasium (where happened the project), called me saying that would have a sieve to an initiative Rezende, and they needed people to help. I went there at the beginning and helped in the organization, on the part of badges, "recalls Vinicius.

When activities began the following week, Vinicius was called to join the project as a teacher assistant, and the first with whom he worked together was Hélio Griner. To date Helium is the assistant coach Rezende and is also coach of the Brazilian Women's University Volleyball.

"From 1998 to 2004 also had the privilege of working with the adult team of Rexona team to help in training. In the last two years I was assistant Hélio, who was then the head coach of the group. I travel with the team for the Superliga, I practice. It was a very rich process. And to this day when the helium is technical he calls me to work together, as in the Universiade. A fantastic and I had the opportunity to go twice championship, "he says.

Project analyst of the Institute Share is passionate about volleyball and grateful for all the opportunities offered by sport.

A co-worker and also project analyst of the Institute Share, Katia Keller, admires Vinicius. "I met 'Vico' - as affectionately calls his friend - in 1997, when he began the project in Curitiba. Since then I have him as a great example of dedication, commitment and love of work. " Katya recalls that when he worked in the coordination of some project Volleyball Network nuclei had much support from Vinicius. "I learned a lot with him and today we changed quite ideas. We work in a similar way and everything we think to improve the activities of cores applied and tested together. " Katie adds: "It is a great partner and professional and a parent's example and friend. This is Vinicius. I hope to still have many years of partnership with him. "

Currently as a project analyst Vinicius is one of the responsible for implementing the Volleyball Initiation Share Methodology, besides taking care of remotely cores Volleyball project entity's Network in Rio de Janeiro. "All the opportunities that I and my family we are totally linked to the Institute and volleyball," she said fondly. His two older children participated in the project and the youngest still makes lessons. It is the family together around the volleyball.

Institutional Partners maintainers who believe in the cause of the Institute Share and financially enable the entity's activities: Uptime, Unilever and Brazil Kirin.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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