Teachers' Symposium and coordinators Share 2015 Institute promotes knowledge sharing among participants

The coach Rezende talk with teachers about their importance within the project.

Between 12 and August 15 occurred in Curitiba / PR, plus a Teachers Symposium and Coordinator of the Institute Share. After three years since the last edition, 70 professionals who are part of the three projects Socioesportivo Program Share by Brazil (Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) could meet to day experience exchanges, the performance improvement in the nuclei, and especially to know everyone involved in the activities. The meeting also was attended by the CEO of Share, the coach Rezende, and a lecture by psychologist Mark Meier.

This time, the guiding theme of the event was exchange. Teachers and engineers had the opportunity to interact with colleagues in more dynamic activities, expose situations they experience in their work realities and find solutions together. They gained more space to express themselves and were responsible for letting this edition of the event even more special. The first day has left the participants at ease, and in a dynamic badges exchanges, were soon interacting with colleagues from different regions to perform.

Also in the opening, a special guest, Professor PhD in sociology of sport at the Federal University of Parana, Wanderley Marchi Junior, presented the results of the research "Alumnus, where have you been?" Held with more than 700 graduating students participated in the Share Program Socioesportivo about the project's impact on their lives. But the executive manager of the entity Luiz Fernando Nascimento - Nando - explained a little about the Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP) and showed everyone the objectives of the Share for years to come.

In practical activity in the Central Core Project Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná participants develop various activities together.

By late afternoon, Rezende arrived to close the day on a high note. After taking several pictures with the participants of the event, the coach talked about the importance of teachers and coordinators in the development of the Institute Share work. The teacher of the New Town Center - Itu / SP, Karina Rodrigues, like much of the technical presence. "The end of the first day with a lecture by Rezende was spectacular, it's a fantastic experience. Hear from him the importance that we (teachers) have in the project is very gratifying, "said Karina.

On Thursday, participants in the Symposium in 2015 left the hotel where they were staying and went to the Central Core Project Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná, where they could share experiences and learn various activities related to the practice of volleyball. Alessandra de Castro, professor of Dirceu Lamb Center - Itu / SP, stressed the importance of sharing with colleagues who are part of the Share. "It's cool to have that closeness with teachers from other projects, it was a very nice return. I learned a lot that I'll take to my students, "said the teacher. A barbecue get-together was held at the end of the day, to further integrate the staff. The animation was such that even just in forró. The institutional partnership Share, Brazil Kirin, provided drinks for the barbecue.

To improve the activities of the core values ​​on the third day the participants went to the gym the military police, located a few meters away. Several teachers have different practical activities of suggested values ​​for which they themselves participate. The relaxed atmosphere of the gym took account. Professor Roberto Lopes Inhaúma Core - Rio / RJ found it very important to learn more about this topic. "Sometimes we do not have creativity to think of all this. I found it very important to open our minds a bit in the preparation of other exercises, "praised Roberto.

The Symposium 2015 encourages the exchange of knowledge among the 70 participating teachers and coordinators.

Finally, the last day focused on finding solutions to the difficulties that teachers and engineers face in the nuclei. Separated into groups with different themes, colleagues were able to propose new ideas and suggest improvement actions. Then the psychologist and teacher education in Mark Meier made the last lecture of the event, topics such as education and relationships with students were addressed. Felipe Monteiro, professor of Vicar General Core - Rio / RJ, believes that the lecture was one of the most important parts of the Symposium in 2015, since for him the lecture added both in professional and personal part of his life. "The talk of Marcos helped a lot, I think important for the teacher to know various ways of how to instruct students. I intend to apply it in my personal life as well, "concluded the professor. Finally, each participant was able to leave the final impression on the 2015 Symposium and emotion took Class account. Cries of happiness and gratitude, joy smiles ended the four days of activities.

To Nando, the objectives of the event were achieved and teachers returned more excited about their nuclei. "I was very happy with the outcome of the symposium. We wanted to create a climate of greater belonging to the project and I think it was very clear. In addition to technical knowledge, it also attempts to increase the relationships between people. In this way, motivating them to continue making a difference in their local operations. Teachers need to have something that encourages them to do something different and we believe that this idea of ​​'feel participant' was very cool, perhaps the greatest result of the symposium, "he concludes.

Institutional Partners maintainers who believe in the cause of the Institute Share and financially enable the entity's activities: Uptime, Unilever and Brazil Kirin.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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