Interior cores / PR receive project analyst visit the Institute Share

Kelly Antunes and Godoy Evaldo, teachers of core Long Beach and Ponta Grossa / PR respectively, receive materials for minivôlei classes.

During June and July, the analyst of the Institute Share projects, Everson Pereira, conducted technical visits to some nuclei of the interior of Paraná, Long Beach, Ponta Grossa, Maringa and Londrina on. These meetings are scheduled to facilitate the monitoring of the implementation of the Methodology Share Initiation Volleyball by the physical education teachers, and facilitate coordination and contact between the teacher for clarification of doubts, establish immediate adjustments to better conduct of classes minivôlei, deliver materials and perform evaluations of activities.

On June 30, Everson was with the teachers of Campo Largo Center, Kelly Antunes and Maria Helena Biscouto. The project analyst was pleased and noted that the students of the host school of minivôlei classes have been interested in participating in the project Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná. "The teachers have good command of the groups and the actions implemented in the classroom," said Everson. In Ponta Grossa, on July 1, Everson was with Professor Godoy Evaldo. "He has a great relationship with the students and shows great concern for everyone in class as well as the studies and health," said the analyst.

Everson Pereira (left.) Conducts technical visit at the Center Maringa.

At the Center Maringa, Everson attended a meeting with Professor Paul Masuzaki and the headquarters school project director, Sergio da Silva. Despite some difficulties, the project analyst found that the nucleus evolved as the application of the methodology. "The teacher showed motivated with the work," he said. The Londrina Center was the last to receive the technical = visit. According to Everson, despite the great quality of work, because the teacher Osvaldo is in the project since its inception in 1997, there are difficulties on the number of students served, but they were already established some strategies and targets to address this issue.

In Londrina, project analyst gives all necessary support to the teacher Osvaldo Nascimento.

Analysts of the Institute Share projects perform frequent visits to the cores and always keep in touch with teachers through phone calls and e-mail exchanges. Everson is responsible for 13 Cores Design interior Initiation Centers to Volleyball in Paraná, based in the state system schools teaching and serving about a thousand children and adolescents.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.

Photos: IC Disclosure.

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