Home Seniors' Corner Tarumã and Acridas receive exciting visit of the students of Super Central Core Volleyball in Curitiba / PR.

Home Seniors' Corner Tarumã receive Class Girls Volleyball Super Central Core in Curitiba.

Knowing different realities of life can be quite inspiring, especially when the intention is to share joy, companionship and affection. It was in this climate of citizenship and good intentions that teenagers Super Central Core Volleyball held two special visits. The girls went to the Home for the Elderly Corner Tarumã, on 24 June, and the boys to the Christian Association of Social Assistance (Acridas), on the 30th of that month. The initiative came from the professional to the Initiation Volleyball Nuclei in Parana project which found a different way to practice with students the values ​​of Methodology Share Initiation Volleyball to.

According to Professor Tatiana Ribas, this year the proposal is to provide opportunity for students to participate in the Super Volleyball Central Core actions planning and thus put into practice the value autonomy. The choice of topics for class games and activities for the traditional June Festival have been part of the strategy, but the choice of the institutions that they showed interest in visiting, closed the first half with a flourish. And not only that, they were supportive and took food collected at the Grand Prix 2015 (volleyball event organized by the nucleus). At the time, the core received about 100kg of donations.

Teens embrace the cause of the Home of the Elderly and encourage more people also contribute.

The Home Seniors' Corner Tarumã, currently serves 120 patients, and is intended under men (above 60 years), who have no maintenance conditions of survival or have family vulnerability. "These people need our support, our affection and also donations. We can not forget that they are people like us and especially need our support, "he encouraged the student Maria Fernanda Repula 14 years. A colleague, Gloria Hauare, 16, also visited the Home of the Elderly and noted, "I realized that many older people have a hard life and are often abandoned. Good to know that there is a place that can serve them and provide them the joys of so many lived things. " She added, "I have to give more value older people around me. It was a great experience. "

Acridas already works with situations of social and personal risk, that make children and adolescents are taken from their homes or suffer abandonment situations. To visit the entity, the Super Volleyball boys had the support of Callcar transport. "The company gave us gently with a van driver, who was on hand throughout the afternoon," said Tatiana. "Once there (in Acridas), they welcomed us with open arms! Visited the nursery, the ballroom and also the playroom, "said Nickolas de Araújo, 15 years. The colleague Kenzo Matheus, 14, liked to have gone. "We played football with some children there and learned that to people, attention and affection are more important than money," he said. Nickolas strengthened, "will not be the food that will make a difference, but our time donated."

Students of Super Volleyball visiting Acridas and learn a lot with children and adolescents of the entity.

The Rosana Rocha and Dayane Prado teachers also followed visits to the Home for the Elderly and Acridas, respectively, and were so excited as the students. They told that teenagers liked the activity and learned a lot from her. It is expected to be carried out other actions like this in the second half. The Super Volleyball Galley message is this: "we share a little of our time. How about you share as well? ".

For more information contact us:

Home of the Elderly - Corner of Tarumã

Street: Konrad Adenauer, 576 - Tarumã, Curitiba / PR.

(41) 3083-4900


Street: Eduardo Geronasso, 1782 Bacacheri, Curitiba / PR.

(041) 3523-5610

Photos: IC Disclosure.

Project partners Nuclei Initiation Volleyball in the Paraná: State Government of Paraná and Unilever. Via Federal Law Sports Incentive: Unilever and Sports Ministry.


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